How to Avoid Strawberry Legs After Shaving

Do your legs develop small, dark spots that resemble blackheads after you shave? If yes, you’ve developed strawberry legs. This condition is so named because of the way the dark spots dot your legs that resemble the way dark seeds dot the body of strawberries.
Strawberry legs occur when hair follicles or enlarged pores that are clogged with oil, bacteria, or dead epithelial skin are, because of shaving, exposed to air, which oxidizes them and turns them black.

There are different causes of strawberry legs:


One of the most common causes of strawberry legs is improper shaving, like when you shave with a dull razor or without shaving cream. Shaving improperly can result in razor burns, which can lead to folliculitis. Also, shaving improperly can result in ingrown hairs and irritate the skin around hair follicles on the legs. These two situations can give the appearance of strawberry legs.

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition where you develop small, pimple-like bumps along your upper arms or thighs. These bumps are rough and hard; they happen when keratin or dead skin cells pile up.


Folliculitis is the result of the inflammation, and sometimes infection, of hair follicles. Several things cause folliculitis, including shaving and waxing, as well as yeast and fungus.

Now that you know what causes strawberry legs, here is how you can prevent it:

Shave with a good razor

When you shave, do so with a good, quality razor. Razors of poor quality dull faster, which means you’ll probably have to pass the blade over the same spot multiple times. This can irritate and inflame the skin around the area, with the end result being strawberry legs.
Use moisturizing shaving cream
To prevent strawberry legs, use a moisturizing shaving lotion when you shave. Why? The cream will soften your hairs and prevent irritation when you shave.

Shave with the grain

When you shave, do so in the direction of hair growth, instead of against it. When you do this, you’ll have less need to go over the same area multiple times, and thus, avoid irritating it.

Exfoliate regularly

Since strawberry legs occur when dirt accumulated in enlarged pores are exposed to air, exfoliating is a good way to prevent it. When you exfoliate, your skin will soften. As a result, the oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria that accumulate around hair follicles and enlarged pores will be dislodged.

By the way, if you’re using a scrub to exfoliate, be gentle to achieve the best result.

Moisturize regularly

Another way to prevent strawberry legs is to moisturize regularly, especially in conjunction with exfoliation. Moisturizing replaces your skin’s lost moisture and keeps it hydrated. And hydrated skin sheds dry skin cells naturally and without any additional effort.

Use an epilator

You can also prevent the development of strawberry legs by using an epilator instead of shaving. An epilator is an electric device for removing body hairs. And because it removes hairs directly from their follicles, it eliminates the possibility of developing strawberry legs.
However, using an epilator can be quite painful. If you are very averse to pain, you probably shouldn’t buy one.

Use laser therapy

Another way to ensure you don’t develop strawberry legs is to do laser therapy. Laser therapy achieves permanent hair removal such that you never have to bother with shaving, tweezing, or any other type of hair removal again. However, it is expensive and can require three to seven sessions for optimum results.

Try waxing

Finally, you can prevent strawberry legs by waxing instead of shaving. With waxing, your hairs are removed by their very roots, which means there’s no hair follicle left behind for dirt to accumulate around. What else? It is a more effective method of hair removal than shaving.


With the numerous options for preventing strawberry legs that we’ve laid out in this article, we believe you’ll be able to achieve a smooth, unblemished look for your legs going forward.

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