Moving your belongings from one place to another can be stressful. Fortunately, you can reduce this stress by hiring a good quality moving company.

In this article, you will learn a few tips that will help you identify and, by extension, hire good quality movers.

Let’s check them out!

Research moving companies

The first step to hiring quality movers is to conduct research that will help determine the right moving company to hire.

Contact friends and relatives to get their recommendations and reservations about moving companies they have used. If your preferred companies offer references, contact those references to get an idea of the type of services they offer.

Further, check out online reviews of potential moving companies to tell if they are of good quality and trustworthy. Also, ensure that there are enough customer reviews, up to two dozen, to ascertain their credibility. 

Get moving quotes from multiple moving companies

Moving companies create their estimate based on certain factors. These include the weight of items to be moved and the distance to be traveled.

Get two or three quotes from different companies before you hire a specific one. You may want to meet with a relocation consultant in your home to have them assess your belongings and create a quote for moving your belongings.

Further, avoid accepting estimates over the phone as they can be binding. 

Do not hire moving companies with a name change

Confirm that your preferred mover hasn’t gone through name changes, especially more than once. This is because companies with multiple name changes are often untrustworthy. So, they change their names to avoid being evaluated by the Better Business Bureau.

Furthermore, ensure that your preferred moving company has a local address and the right licensing and insurance.

Request a thorough walk-through

Professional moving companies typically provide a thorough walk-through of your home before they accept to move your belongings. Also, a good moving company will ask questions about the items you intend to move.

Choose a company that takes a moving inventory

High-standard moving companies always take inventory of their clients’ possessions before they transport them.

By doing this, they ensure that all your properties are accounted for. So, if anything goes missing, it will be easy for you to identify and locate them.

Look out for suspicious activities

You need to be careful when dealing with moving companies. This involves being on the lookout for suspicious actions or inactions from your preferred moving company.

For instance, do they communicate clearly about the process or not? Do they have the necessary licenses and certifications? Also, do they request a large sum upfront?

In essence, stay away from companies with suspicious activities to avoid making a bad decision.

Check moving insurance

Moving companies are required to assume liability for the items they transport. However, there are two types of insurance coverage available for them: full value protection and alternative level of liability.

Full-value protection requires your moving company to replace or repair all lost or damaged items during transport. Conversely, alternative level of liability provides minimal protection and requires that the moving company assumes liability based on the pound weight of the item.

As expected, the latter insurance type is more affordable.

Relocating is an exciting but challenging time. But hiring the right movers will make the process more exciting than challenging,

By following our tips above, you are guaranteed to hire quality moving services for your relocation.

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