Spring is that time of the year when plants begin to take on new life and the world exits the bleakness of winter. It is an inspiring period, which makes it a great time to do fun, interesting things and experiment.
If you are a fan of nail art, spring presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with playful and colorful designs. In this article, you will find some fun nail art ideas you can co-opt for your nails. Let’s start!

French Tips

You can never go wrong with a French tips design. However, this doesn’t mean you have to do the average French tips that every other person does. Instead, experiment with bright colors, curls, stars, and cherries. Also, put a twist on your version of this design by using a curved edge, instead of a squarish one.

Dash of Sparkle

The gradient mani is a simple, minimalistic nail design that is, nevertheless, aesthetically appealing. Make it even more appealing by adding a dash of sparkle to it. You can do this with one nail or two. You can also use it on the one hand or both, whichever appeals to you more.

Marble Design

Another fun and exciting nail art design for this spring is the marble design. You can do DIY as the effect is easy to achieve. The first step is to coat your fingers with a neutral base. Then, mix two or three colors together in water. Next, dip your nails into this mixture so the color combination coats them. Finally, refine the edges to ensure your nails look neat.

Spring Flowers

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth, and nothing signifies this better than flowers. Besides that, this particular design looks pleasing to the eye and is sure to have you feeling excited every time you catch a glimpse of it. However, don’t forget to choose a bright color, like violet or red, for this design. After all, it is spring – the season of fun colors.

Rainbow Colors

Spring is the season with the most rain in the year, which means a lot of rainbows. Take inspiration from this and paint your nails in the colors of the rainbow. There are two primary ways to do this – you can paint each nail a different rainbow color or use a mix of different colors for each nail. Regardless of what you decide, you can be certain the effect is something you will be proud of.

Wavy Clouds

This is another symbolic, yet exciting nail art design for spring. Start by coating your nails with a blue base, then place swirls of white on it. Despite how simple this design is, it is quite elegant and pleasant to look at. We are sure it will fill you with plenty of joy.


With these nail art ideas, you can begin to make the spring season a more fun, more exciting period. You might be tempted to think it is too small to influence your season in any meaningful way. However, you would be wrong. A colorful, exciting nail art design can lift your mood and inspire you, despite how small it may seem.

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