Korean Women’s Clothing Brands Trending 2022

In the past decade or so, Korean fashion has exploded onto the global scene and become a big part of pop culture. While Korean fashion is appealing on its own, the wider acceptance of Korean media, especially K-pop and K-drama has certainly helped matters.

If you admire and appreciate the East Asian country’s fashion, here are some of the Korean women’s clothing brands that are trending in 2022. Take a look at their work – we are sure you will find something that works for you and helps you indulge in your love for Korean fashion.

Let’s start!

Minju Kim

Minju Kim is one of the most recognizable names in the Korean fashion industry. While she has always been a Korean fashion icon, her 2020 win of the Netflix series, Next in Fashion, catapulted her onto the global stage. She did not disappoint and has gone on to further the relevance of Korean fashion on the global stage.

Minju Kim has released numerous collections under her brand. She has also collaborated with several renowned brands to make Korean fashion more accessible. She currently operates a clothing brand on NET-A-PORTER.

Gentle Monster

Anybody who follows South Korean fashion has encountered Gentle Monster. The brand manufactures eyewear and was founded in 2011. Since then, it has captured the hearts of many people, including celebrities, with its iconic and trendy designs. Some of the famous names who have been spotted wearing this brand including Rihanna, Lil Nas X, and Billie Eilish.

Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo is a Korean fashion brand that caters to women’s fashion tastes and interest. The brand gets its name from its founder, Seo, a young Korean woman who hails from Seoul. The brand’s style can be described as bold and edgy; it appeals to women who want to break free of patriarchal and conservative norms and express themselves fearlessly.


8Seconds is another Korean women fashion brand to pay attention to in 2022. The outfit offers top quality and fashionable merchandise at affordable prices. What’s more? Its designs are unique, fresh, and modern. Thus, they are perfect for the stylish and young at heart. Also, 8Seconds caters to both men and women tastes.

Andersson Bell

If you love trendy, genderless wears, there is no Korean fashion brand that does it like Andersson Bell. Founded in 2014, the Seoul-based outfit combines Korean aesthetic with Scandinavian minimalism to give a unique but irresistible style. Andersson Bell uses high-quality fabric for its products and makes some truly iconic pieces you can’t help but love.

Goen. J

Goen.J is a top Korean luxury couture line that offers some of the most creative, well-crafted, and excellent merchandise of the Korean industry has. Goen Jong founded this brand in 2012 and has since taken it from strength to strength.

Goen.J utilizes gentle details and subtle romanticism in its designs. Even more important is that it caters to strong, ultra-feminine women who are personality driven.

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