Sugar wax, or sugaring, is a natural hair-removal method that uses a combination of sugar, lemon, water, and sometimes honey, to formulate a hair-removal paste. Like other wax types, sugar wax is used to remove hair from the body. However, it does not remove the top layer of the skin.

By the way, if you want the best results, your hair should be at least a quarter inch long so that the sugar can easily combine with it.

How to make DIY sugar wax

Making sugar wax can seem complex if you are new to the process. However, once you understand the process and start practicing, you will see that it is an easy thing to do.


  • white sugar
  • lemon juice and
  • warm water
  • raw honey (optional)

Place a medium or large-sized pot on the stove

Note that the mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water bubbles when you heat it. For this reason, you need a medium or large-sized pot that conveniently holds the mixture even when they bubble and try to overfill the pot.

Add the ingredients into the pot

Add your ingredients, including sugar, lemon juice, and water, into the pot. Stir them together using a wooden ladle.

Tip: Use white or brown granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar.

Let the mixture boil over high heat

Raise your burner’s temperature to high heat and let your mixture heat up until it boils. Pay rapt attention to the solution at this point as it will start bubbling as it gets hotter.

Reduce the heat

Once the solution starts to bubble and boil, reduce your burner’s temperature to medium heat. However, don’t stop stirring. At this point, the sugar should have completely dissolved into the solution.

Turn off the heat

Continue to stir the mixture as it simmers. Turn off the heat when the solution becomes smooth and turns into a deep golden color. Then, transfer your pot to a different burner.

Pour out the mixture

Once the mixture achieves the desired consistency, pour it into a bowl or jar. Then, allow it to cool until you can dip your hand into it without hurting yourself.

How to apply sugar wax

  • Scoop a chunk of warm wax with your fingers and knead it into a ball. You can use a popsicle stick or butter knife.
  • Apply the wax  evenly on a small section of your skin. Ensure that the application is at least a quarter of an inch thick. Also, ensure to apply it in the direction opposite your hair growth.
  • Take a deep breath, grip the wax tightly with your fingers, and pull it against the direction of your hair growth. Do this as quickly as you would pull off a bandage.
  • Apply the wax to the remaining parts you want to wax. You can reuse the same piece of wax three or four times before you need to ball up a new one.
  • Pour leftover sugar wax into an airtight container like a glass jar or a plastic Tupperware, and store it in your fridge. Make sure to use this wax within five weeks. Also, ensure to reheat your leftover wax every time you want to use it.

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