7 Shoe Styles from the Past that are Coming back Winter 2023

Winter is around the corner, and that means one thing: it is time to shop for winter shoes. The cold season is a great time to invest in shoes with tall structures and rich materials, from riding boots to Chelsea shoes.

In this article, we will be discussing the following shoe styles from the past that are coming back in winter.

  • Classic ankle boots
  • Preppy shoes
  • Buckle shoes
  • Sneakers, and
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Soft-padded slides
  • Platform hills

Let’s get started!

Classic ankle boots

There is no better time to buy your pair of classic ankle boots than now. These boots, which include Chelsea and Beatles boots, are designed to cover your ankle and provide a comfortable fit for you during the cold winter months.

Chelsea boots: Chelsea boots are easy-to-wear fits that are perfect for almost everyone who wears them. They are smooth and plain-shaped and are constructed with an elastic band to cover your ankles.

Beatles boots: The Beatles boots were invented and commissioned by the “Fab four,” a famous rock group, during their first set of concerts. It was, however, made popular by the Beatles group. The Beatles boots are constructed with slightly high, yet comfortable heels.

Preppy shoes

The preppy shoe style refers to a series of comfortable formal-style shoes, like Derby shoes, Oxford shoes, and loafers.

The derby and the oxford shoes have similar styles, although the former is slightly less formal and more comfortable than the latter. Derby shoes give a more relaxed look. As a result, they are fit to be worn formally or casually.

Shoes with buckles

Shoes with buckles are highly elegant and versatile. Consequently, they can be worn on trouser suit or black jeans. An example is monk straps, which can be single-buckled – monk strap – or double-buckled – double monk strap.

Originally used in the Middle Ages and the Baroque age, this shoe style is back in vogue this winter.


While sneakers belong to contemporary fashion culture, they originate from the late 1800s and have since developed to become one of the most sought-after shoe styles.

Sneaker brands are changing their styles from the informal look to a more polished and refined appearance that is reminiscent of the 20th century.

Over-the-knee boots or socks

The origin of over-the-knee boots can be traced to the 15th century when they were known as riding boots. They were designed to provide extra protection to the legs when on horseback.

Luckily, these boots exist today and they protect against the harsh winter climate. Wear these boots with knee-grazing dresses and winter coats to bring out the best in them.

Soft-padded slides

Slides are incredibly versatile footwear that can be worn to a variety of events and places. You can wear them for your beach vacation, pool swimming, or running errands.

Interestingly, these beautiful shoe styles are back for the winter and better. They are equipped with indoor soles, which provide comfort to your feet, and outdoor soles, which protect you against the elements.

Platform heels

Platform shoes are footwear, whether boots, sandals, or shoes, that have a thick sole, between one and four inches.

Although platform shoes have been around for a long time, Moshe Kimel designed the first platform shoe for an actress, Marlene Dietrich. And fortunately for us, they are still in style centuries after.

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